Family & Criminal Law

Jeffrey Stivers

Jeff Stivers is an experienced and compassionate Family Law and Criminal Defense attorney. He was admitted to the State Bar of California at the age of 25 and started his own practice in 2001. Since then his focus has been on Criminal and Family Law matters and his exceptional track record speaks for itself.

Criminal Defense is Stivers’ passion. He enjoys connecting with individuals and helping them turn their lives around. He is tremendously knowledgeable in what he does and how to approach and handle these cases with courts. He has rightfully earned the respect of prosecutors and judges and he is not afraid to challenge them on any issue. His experience dealing with highly sensitive issues and cases has earned him a reputation among the circuit as being the one to go to when times are tough.

Family Law is a passion of Jeff’s as well. As a father who shared custody of child he is highly sensitive to child custody issues. An advocate for children’s rights he believes in putting them first and helping the parties come to a mature agreement that will enable their children to grow in  loving, nurturing homes. He has handled everything from overturning restraining orders based on false allegations to helping clients through a peaceful divorce process.

Jeff believes in resolution, however, when necessary he is ready to engage in litigation, which is sometimes the only way to resolve complicated disputes. Stivers brings a rare combination of concern, commitment and experience to his practice. He prides himself on being readily available to his clients and supporting them through their troubling time with his unique, empathetic and holistic approach.

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