Laguna Niguel, CA

Family Law Attorney

Attorney Jeffrey N. Stivers is an experienced family law attorney who represents clients in a wide variety of family law matters, including those pertaining to divorce, child custody and support, division of assets, mediation, and more.

Jeff understands that family law matters are emotionally-charged and sensitive affairs, which is why he always takes the time to understand the specifics of each client’s individual circumstances. Each specific situation has its own unique and complex variables to account for, something that Jeff always keeps in mind as he crafts creative legal solutions that are designed with the interests of his clients in mind.

As an established family law attorney, Jeff has represented countless clients in and around Laguna Niguel, CA, and he is well-versed in family law matters such as (but not limited to):

  •         Divorce
  •         Uncontested Divorce
  •         Spousal support
  •         Child Custody
  •         Child visitation
  •         Modification
  •         Premarital Agreements

As a committed advocate for his clients, Jeff believes in providing clear and straightforward legal advice. Over the years, he has established himself as a reliable and effective family law attorney in Laguna Niguel, CA, someone who helps his clients navigate complex legal problems and guide them towards favorable outcomes during trying times.

Need a Family Law Attorney in Laguna Niguel, CA?

If you or someone you know is seeking the assistance of a skilled family law attorney, know that you can rely on the Law Office of Jeffrey N. Stivers. He can help you formulate legal strategies that prioritize your needs, as well as those of your loved ones, above all else.